How badly do you want it?

I recently spent 3 days in Banff, Alberta with my joint venture peers and I’ve gotta tell you, being in a room full of 25 entrepreneurs who are committed to building money making businesses that will enrich their lives leaves me speechless.

Twice a year, Jay Fiset from The Creator’s Code brings together high-level entrepreneurs who are kicking ass in business to joint venture, collaborate, pick each other’s brains and have a s**t load of fun.

Building a business can be easy when you surround yourself with people who are committed and willing to work hard and share their successes and their failures. If you are struggling to build a business, look around to see who is in your world and the impact they have on you.

Building your business is 100% up to you so decide how badly you want it and decide if you are willing to invest the energy to push past the negative, take a risk and leave the naysayers behind (yup, even if it is family) … because aren’t they the ones that should be supporting you 100%?

And … it’s not everyday you meet and become fast friends with Olympic gold medal winners (Michelle Cameron Coulter, 1988, synchronized swimming)!


Joint venturing in Banff with can it get any better than this, with Joshua David Hayward
and Michelle Cameron Coulter. Joshua travels the world and Michelle is an Olympic gold
medal winner…humbled