How are you going to leave the world a better place?

Coming to you from Cuba with my Top 10 list of how I dug myself out of my spiritual breakdown into a spiritual rebirth and reawakening.

The first video in this series is about envisioning your why and your what. The second one is around creation. What are you creating in this world? Number three is about connection. How are you connecting with yourself on a deeper level as well as people in the outside world? Number four is around engagement. Are you engaging with people? It’s so important that you have that constant and authentic engagement with self so that you can have a real and authentic engagement with other people. Then we have enrollment. How are you enrolling people into your mission and your why, as well as enrolling yourself on a daily basis so that when you come up with those gremlins you say I’m enrolled and super connected. Then we had monetization. It’s around monetizing your business and your world. Money is around the energy and flow of money. Money out, money in, and money giving away.

In today’s 7th video I want to talk to you about impact. Because none of this really means anything if you aren’t creating greater impact in this world. What I mean by impact is what legacy are you leaving in this world? What mission and vision is tied to making the world a better place than the day you were born? Or even today’s date?

How are you going to leave this world a better place? We are all going to pass away. We want to be able to leave our mark.

This is about impact. My mission is to eliminate fear in 1 million women across the globe by 2020 so they can live their life with power and purpose and without apology. That came to me when I was in my spiritual breakdown. It was like, Odette, this is your purpose. This is what you are meant to do. But first, we have to make sure that you have eliminated your fear and that you are living your life with power and purpose.

  1. Impact yourself. Arm yourself with the right people, the right mindset, the right tools and the right strategy so that you have impact in your own world. Without that strength, it is really hard to go out into the world and create something magical.
  2. Create impact for your family and friends – your inner circle. That is the most important thing because when you create that impact in that inner circle, you are building strength and momentum. Often for a lot of people, the inner circle are the most critical. The most critical is ourselves. And then our inner circle. Sometimes it’s our friends or family or spouses or children that go, ‘Can you really do this? Are you crazy?’ They are secretly saying, ‘Go for it!’ but we are scared because we don’t have that kind of impact, or gumption that you do. So I look at it as negative or a slight or a comment that is fearful from somebody else to reinforce the reason why I have to have greater impact in this world so that my inner circle people can feel truly blessed and magical in their day to day living. Maybe I’ll have a little bit of ripple effect and change the world around me. Often changing the world doesn’t mean you have to change millions and millions of people’s lives, sometimes it’s just changing one or two and what happens? When you change one or two lives, they’re going to change one or two lives and so on, and so on.
  3. Change the world. What’s really important here is your mission needs to be bigger than you. Your vision needs to be way bigger than you. It’s scary, but it’s also very exciting because when you change a life. When you change a problem, solve a problem in the world, guess what happens? First, that problem becomes not a problem anymore but the people around that problem, what they do is go, ‘Holy crap.’ A life has been changed. The economy has changed. The environment has changed. People will start to see that. And that will latch on to their own impact project that they want to create. So your impact project not only will do a couple of things – it will solve a problem or a challenge in the world, but it will also help people who aren’t quite ready to step into their own impact project. They can then piggy back onto yours. And charities are really great for that because what happens is someone who doesn’t have the wherewithal or the mindset or the desire even to create their own project, may piggy back onto yours and now you have this great big sales force that are behind you. They are the ones that are volunteering their hours, their time, their money and their energy so that your project can have greater liftoff and greater momentum.

So impact is around creating greater impact in yourself, it’s around creating greater impact in your inner circle, the people that are closest to you, and then creating impact in the world. My business actually started from an impact project which was just to do a seminar for women because I built a 7 figure business, I knew what to do because I had tapped into other people to teach me how to do it, but I just wanted other people to experience what it’s like to latch onto their dream of building a business. It was just supposed to be a Saturday afternoon event. As I was doing the work I thought, ‘Shit… why don’t I just build a business out of it?’ And that was six years ago.

What is your impact project and what are you going to do starting today? Even if it is just something as small as giving away money, saying thank you, smiling at someone. Start small with those impacts, because I can promise you they are what make the difference in the world.

I’ll talk to you later and stay tuned for the next video!