Here is how to create your own success

I am here with Video 2 of my Top 10 series of what I have learned in the last couple of years coming out my spiritual breakdown into my rebirth, my reawakening.

Video 1 talked about the most important thing that we need to do – the very first step in the process – Envision. What are you envisioning? Get connected to your why and what, and most importantly understanding what fear or resistance that is holding you back from getting connected to you why and getting connected to your what and living a life of amazing purpose and power.

So my vision is to eliminate fear from 1 million women across the globe so they can live their live with power and purpose and without apology. And my goal is by 2020 to reach those 1 million women.

Here in video 2 I want to talk about the next step which is creation.

What are you creating in your life? In your business? And in your world?

I want you to walk away with these three steps:

1. Creation for your life. You need to start with a life plan. How do you want your life to look? Where do you want to be living? Who do you want in your world? Who do you want out of your world? For me, when I created Women on Top, the most important thing for me was to be able to live and work anywhere in the world. I’m here in Cuba now with my friends and family and I am able to work as I choose to, as I create. So what are you doing in your life that is creating the life that you truly and deeply desire, so that you can live you life with power and purpose and without apology.

2. Creation for your business. The second step in the creation is business. If you are an entrepreneur, what are you creating as far as your programs? Your products? Do you want to write a book? Do you want to do online delivery of your service? Do you want to do 1:1 work? Are you in creation of brand spanking new and you want to have a business but you don’t know how to get out of your job, or how to start? The most important part of that is creating from your life first. So what are you creating in business? How are you making your money because fact it we need money to live.

3. Creation for your world. Something bigger, something that is an extension of you. Let’s fact it, we are not on Earth just for ourselves. We are here to leave a footprint. To leave a legacy. What is that legacy that you want to leave?

When we get connected and completely aligned with creating for our life, for our business or our money maker, and getting really in alignment with creating something bigger in this world – an extension of us – we are then driven by purpose and by power. The fears and the gremlins that come into our head shrink because our action steps are in alignment with the things we want to create.

So we have to have our head, our heart and our feet in alignment, consistently, so that we stay in action for the things we want to create for our life, for our business and for the world. And what happens to our fears? They start to diminish. It doesn’t mean you are going to get rid of them completely, but at least they shrink and that’s what we want. That’s what we really need to do to make our mark in the world. Too many people out there are living a life shrouded in fear and resistance and lack of abundance, whether it’s financial, emotional, relationship. Take a look at where you are being resistant and look at what it is you want to create.

I will deliver the other videos on how to really create impact in this world so that you are driven by purpose, and your are impacting millions.

If you haven’t seen Video 1 yet, go back and check it out here.

See you soon with Video 3!