Help! My negative mindset is taking over!

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morningQuestion: OMG! Every morning when I wake up I start to plan and organize my business day and I haven’t even opened my eyes! Within minutes I am in overwhelm of all the things I need to do, should do. What I want to do is roll over and go back to sleep because I am already exhausted from the stress of my day to come. That’s when the excuses start to creep in. Then the self doubt. Especially around picking up the phone and following up with prospects. How do I turn off the negative chatter in my head before I have my morning coffee!? I feel like I will never get anywhere with my business. Help!  – Sandra D.

Answer: Oh I totally get that AM negative mindset blast! I used to wake up like that every morning.  It can wreck your day and your business.

It’s impossible to do good in the world when our headspace is crashing down on our every thought. So we need to stop the chatter before it starts.

It takes work but it takes a commitment first.
Commitment to change the way you look at  yourself is the first step.

I recently read a book called “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping and it changed my life. We need to forgive the past life crap in order to move forward.

We all know that our subconscious is the storage facility for all our life experiences; good, bad and the ugly. All the memories that we don’t want to remember get shoved down (suppressed and repressed) to the bottom. We can’t un-remember things and they
surface when we have a quiet mind. Sleeping and waking are usually the quietest for us and that’s when everything rises to the surface.

Perhaps that is why people love to do ‘busy work’ so they don’t have to deal with their thoughts.

When we wake up, often before our eyes are even open, our subconscious downloads and floods our conscious mind. We are still groggy from sleep and we are put into the ring to battle out our ‘stuff’. We are fighting a losing battle unless we dig deep
and clean up the messy memories.

I have been doing a lot of inner work over the last 6 months (and it shows!). People are telling me that they like the ‘new’ me, that I am more approachable, more at peace, easier to talk to and that I am ‘lighter’ in my energy. (thanks to Dana Pharant at

Here are few suggestions that I know work (because I’ve used them!):

Clearing the clutter in your head:
Stop saying; “I can’t” and start saying; “How can I?”

Plan your week on Sunday night (three columns: revenue generating activities (take priority),  non revenue generating stuff, and personal )
Plan your day the night before and chunk down your day into bite size activities (redoing your website is not an activity, it is a project!)
Keep a pad and pen by your bedside for ideas that come to you
Make a committed choice to change what is not working for you
Get help, because you can’t do it alone! (I am!)
Lean in to the support and embrace it!
Bob Proctor told me to think of 10 things you are grateful for (people, things, accomplishments)
Send love to 3 people you want to cut their legs off (we can always find a few of those folks!)
Smile (a real one, whether you want to or not)
Break up with naysayers

And here is the most important one for your morning routine:
Don’t think about your to do list until after you brush your teeth

Every once in a while, roll over and go back to sleep 😉