Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me! Odette Laurie

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Hi! Today is my 49th birthday!

And that both shocks me and scares me and exhilarates me, for all so many different reasons. I don’t know how I made it, because I had a crazy, wild life … but I really take a look at what are the next 49 years going to be like?

It absolutely excites me I know that I am going to go out and get exactly what it is that I want.

Five years ago I made a decision to go out and start my business, become a coach and teach entrepreneurs how to be super successful in their business, but most importantly, to go after and get what they want out of their life.

I am a living example of that.

Right now I am filming this, I’m on a beach. This is where I want to be living once the kids are gone and off to school and doing their own thing. And I am getting a taste of that and I am loving it, every moment.

Does it have its ups and downs? Absolutely!

So here is my message to you.

No matter how old you are, or where you are in your life, or in your business, ask yourself:

Are you where you want to be?

Are you living the life that you want?

Are you spending it with the people that you want to be spending it with?

And if the answer is a hands-down yes, then I congratulate you!

But if there is an inkling of a doubt where you are just going, ‘Not really sure’, ‘I don’t know’, ‘Maybe’, uh … and then come up with the excuses, you need to do a check in.

Because don’t waste another moment in your life or in your business or anything it is that you are doing.

Because life is too short.

I am halfway across the finish line and I just want to be able to say Happy Birthday to Me! and go out and get what you want for your life!