Don’t Go it Alone!

Growing up we are taught to do it ourselves, to be independent, not to rely on others, try it yourself first, you can do it alone, no one can do it better than you. Know what I am talking about?

Well now I am telling you NOT to listen to that advice. Not as a business owner.

You have to work with others, learn from those that are more successful than you are, in order to truly succeed in your business. YOU CANNOT DO THIS ALONE. But you will try. And try harder and harder until you just can’t give anymore.

And that’s when it happens; you quit or stop trying, which is probably the same thing, which ever way you try to fool yourself.


Here I am with my fellow Canadians at a recent 10k event

I have surrounded myself ONLY with people that support me; which also means kicking me in the ass. I love those reality checks from counter parts because they see things I cannot, which is usually how big my “But” is. There is this crazy force field that shields business owners from getting the training they need, mindset and mastering the skills, because they are somehow supposed to know how to do everything.  Is that you?

How to take it up a notch?

  •  Don’t engage in any way with naysayers, even if they are family.
  • Don’t feel badly about leaving them behind, that only lowers your status. (And you know I am talking to you ;))
  • Join groups that only support your mission and your methods BUT that force you into action, not just conversation that goes nowhere.
  • Dance with yourself regularly. I crank my music at all times of the day and just go crazy. It connects you to a deeper part of you.
  • Talk to everyone and anyone about how they got to be successful, and ask to be a part of their tribe!
  • Partner up with others on workshops, online training, webinars, videos, audios
  • Blog for others, blog for yourself!
  • Find yourself a ‘safe’ person to share your inner most private secrets. This is for not the faint of heart. Just completely open up!
  • Fall in love with someone that admires you, supports you and will be there for  you no matter what. Wow.
  • Build a team! Delegate and orchestrate!
  • Get educated on how to build a business.
  • Partner up with like-minded individuals and together create a solid strategy on how you all can move one step closer to your goals.

And finally…

  • Stop going for coffee!