Do You Suffer From the “I Can’t Afford It” Blues?

This is way too cool! I am in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina working on my business and at the same time my support team is working in my business. Business doesn’t stop when I am not there.

Most of you have heard me say this before; you cannot build a business all by yourself. It’s true yet most of you are still trying to do it. It’s like hiking up a mountain with no gear, driving a car without a steering wheel or riding a bike with no seat. It’s bloody painful! .

I know what it takes to build a business and make it successful. I know that, as the owner of a company, janitorial duties are par for the course after a long day in panty hoses and heels. But it doesn’t have to be that way… forever.

So why do you insist on starting a business or building a business without help? Even if you could, why would you? Ever hear about team sport, team spirit, take one for the team, be a team player, team morale, teamsters…. hey, I didn’t make those up.

There is no business owner creed or rite of passage that states you must be good at everything required to run a business, YHere are just a few of the job titles needed to run a business:

Customer Service, Sales, Marketer, Professional Services, Client Services, Shopper, IT, Social Media, Networking, Bookkeeper, Daily Administrative, Trouble Shooter, Researcher, HR, Janitor, Coach, Mentor, Girl Friday, Receptionist, Mail Room Guy, Writer, Photographer, Editor, Videographer, Business Development, Payroll, Banking, Delivery, Client Appreciation, Visionary, Therapist.

Ahhhh, but I know what you are thinking! You don’t have the money. Hogwash and Baloney, I bet you do, you just don’t want to spend it. So here is where it all boils down to:

If you won’t spend money in your business and on your business, why would anyone else?

To be successful in your business you must build a team around you. And that takes money, period. You do not have the skill set to do it all, nor do you have the time. Plus it gets lonely.

We have to have support in the areas that we are not good at, don’t want to do, don’t know how to do or don’t have time to do. Business owners have the same 24 hour clock that 9 to 5’ers do. A CEO of a Fortune 500 company doesn’t fly solo, why should you?

You can’t do it alone, in business or in life. Oh you will try but something will suffer. Something major, like your health, a relationship with friends and family, your home or your waistline. Eventually your happiness will decline and so will your business. You can only hold on for so long.

There is an automatic response to getting the help we need. It’s called the; ‘I Can’t Afford It’ response.

Yes I have said it too. Hmmm, we always seem to find the money for fun stuff…so here’s what I want you to do. Take stock of the resources you have on hand and answer these questions:

How much money do you have coming in? Going out?

How much money do you think you need to start up your business or keep your business alive? Now double it. Now go hunting for it. Where you ask? Here:

  • Personal funds
  • Investments
  • Love money
  • Bank loan
  • Line of Credit
  • Credit Card
  • House account (a job)
  • Home equity
  • Barter
  • Steal (ok, just kidding)

The next thing I want you to do is make a sacrifice. Do you really need to order take out once a week? What do you think meatloaf and leftovers are for? Turn off the tube and write a blog, start your newsletter or better yet, make a cold call!

Now here is the best part. Hire someone to do the thing you suck at, hate doing or don’t have time for. For me it’s social media marketing, administrative tasks and vacuuming. Yes, farm out the household tasks so that you can spend the time growing your business or growing your family (you know what I mean, it just sounded good). I hired my kids to take care of the cat, mow the lawn and do the house cleaning (yes, all of it!). I hired a VA and went from 5 hours a month to 20 hours a month in the blink of an eye. I couldn’t live without her (shh, don’t tell her, she may just raise her rates).

Once I started opening my purse, my business blossomed.

Once I started delegating, my client list flourished.

Once I started acting like an owner, I became a real business.

If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe a JOB will. I hear the hours are great.

Now, if I’ve convinced you that maybe you just might need some help, but you’re not sure where to get started, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. My VA, Crystal Parrett, and I are sharing a free call on all of the secrets of hiring a Virtual Assistant on Feb 29th at 7pm Eastern. So go on over to and register for the call.