Do you have what IT takes to get ‘it’?

Hmmm, now that’s a loaded question. Some may say that depends what IT is that you are talking about.  I disagree. We all have IT or some variation of IT.  We can have alot of IT.  Or none of IT. We choose.

It doesn’t matter what the ‘it’ is we want, what matters is that we go after ‘it’. What matters is that we don’t give up till we get ‘it’. It’s that simple. To me anyway.

The IT I am referring to is PERSEVERANCE. The ‘it’ is that ‘thing’ you want so badly you can taste it, but are too afraid to stick your tongue out.

As a life transition Catalyst (I prefer that term over coach), I believe that we can do anything, have anything, be anything we want. We just need to persevere. I don’t take that word lightly. I am a perseverer, even if that word doesn’t exist. I don’t stop till I get what I want, where I need to be in life and who I have to be to have ‘it’. Because I have IT. Some days I have tons of IT and some days I don’t have any of IT. And that sucks.

I know many of you will fuss and muss with this concept…’that’s not my personality, I tried but IT just didn’t work, you are stronger than me, you are better than me, I don’t know how’…booooring. Someone hit the snooze button for me please.

It seems that some people only have enough energy to wake up in the morning, do their usual wash, set and go, tippy toe through their day, muddle their way through the evening rituals and, viola, its nighty nighty. The gerbil wheel spins again. Guess who the gerbil is?

This all may sound alittle harsh but really, who cares? Apparently you do if you stop yourself from living large, living the dream, living the life you crave.

My solution? Wear your life on your sleeve, not just your heart.