One Take Wonder: Do I or Don’t I?

 Crisis of Faith Moment


I just had a crisis of faith moment, which probably means you may have experienced one in your life too, especially to all those entrepreneurs out there.


So, what is a crisis of faith moment? Here’s my experience, can you relate?

In 2017, I experienced one of my hugest bucket list items ever and I spoke on the TedX stage. I was all microphoned up, ready to step on stage and I froze, I blanked out! OMG…I can’t do this… After some talking off the ledge from the prompter, I had a head to heart conversation and said, ‘Head, just remember your first 2 lines and heart you take over the rest’. If you watch the video here, you will see exactly how that played out.


I haven’t realized how much that moment played into my events after that. I found myself afraid and worried it was going to happen again. And from there, numerous of head stories continued of not being good enough, and then… that crisis of faith moment happened full force this weekend before my talk at the event in Vancouver. I mean ugly cry, pounding pillow, adult temper tantrum in my hotel room moment….It was afraid of the unknown, the world isn’t unfolding as I want it to, I don’t trust the universe, I don’t trust my actions, what I am doing is not going to work!!


And suddenly after I got all of that out, I was able to get to…Do I or Don’t I.

I decided I DO, I WILL!

It was the morning of the event, I got centered and into my body and I got into my heart (and out of my head). I assured myself that I CAN DO THIS, and even if I mess up the script, I can make it up.


It was my job, my passion, to spread my message and my mission and to get over my own BS because I knew that I really was an incredible speaker and it’s my mission to impact One Million People across the globe by 2020, so they can live their life with Power, Purpose, and without Apology and share their message with the world.


I tell you this to show that human things happen and you have the power to overcome this and learn from it, use it as fuel and power to push yourself to be the best. It can happen to the best of us, it happened to me but I used my own tools that I use with my coaching clients and I overcame the moment.


We can have a crisis of faith moment, but what we DO about it is more important.   We need to clean out the energy and make room for joy, love, gratitude, abundance, trust and faith.


So I invite you to decide, DO I or DON’T I



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