Corn rows and dreadlocks


This morning I wrote a blog about communication and just how overrated it really is. This afternoon, my link to the outside world left at the office (aka home), I venture out with my 3 Chiclets and a girlfriend to get our hair done. It’s my youngest daughter’s 11th birthday.

We aren’t visiting just any hairdresser, we are getting our hair done Bo Derek style; corn rows. This is quite an adventure, especially for a 40 something woman. Yes I have grey hair, due for a little ‘enhancement’. Having your hair pulled back like it’s caught between elevator doors, a few crow’s feet and a pasty white face; you have a visual that is so not Bo Derek. More like a desperate housewife but the real kind.

Now this process will take a long time, so I justify bringing my computer to type up a few blogs. It’s really busy in here. To my surprise it’s mostly guys getting their hair gelled, teased and dreadlocked. I never thought guys would spend so much time on their hair. When you see someone, a guy, with dreadlocks, and they look so cool and earthy, you think the style is natural. Believe me it is not natural. It’s actually a really un-cool experience.  Picture a guy with pig tails. Little Bo Peep or Cindy Lou Hoo come to mind.

Anyway, we are having a blast. Thy kids look great with corn rows, their mom does not.  It’s great to be present and communicate without electronic devices. I must admit, I don’t know what to do with my hands.  I have kicked the habit, at least for today.