3 Ways Conscious Connection Helps You Build Your Business

I am back with the 3rd video in my 10 part series about creating impact in your business and in your life.

Video 1 covered the most important way to start – Envisioning what you want and why you are doing what you are doing, and getting crystal clear about what is getting in your way.

Video 2 talked about creation – what is it you are creating for your life, for your business, and for the world?

So many of you want to have greater impact in this world. You want to change lives, including your own or your family’s, or the people that you were meant to serve.

Video 3 is around Connection which is the third step in the process of creating a greater impact.

My impact and my mission is to eliminate fear from 1 million women around the globe by 2020 so that they can live their life with power and purpose and without apology.

In order for me to do that on a grander scale (or one person at a time) is creating impact through connection.

So what I want to tell you in this video is the 3 most important ways that you need to make connection with people.

Connection with yourself. Connect deeper within yourself. Without that connection within yourself, who you are, who you want to be in this world, how you want to show up … take a look at how you actually are showing up. I talk about this in my previous videos about my spiritual breakdown, really was the disconnect I had with myself. I wasn’t connected to the person I knew I was. I was being somebody else. There is always a long story around that, but I wasn’t feeling authentic. So it is that connection with self. Be really honest with yourself of how are you showing up in the world, and how do you want to be in this world.

Connection with other people. The people you want to serve – are you connecting with them on a daily basis? I mean in person, on video, online (but don’t hide behind the online connection piece). People need to know, like and trust you, and the best way for that is to hear you, to see you, to feel you. The only way to do that is either the in person – speaking on your own stage, creating events, speaking on other people’s stages, and ultimately creating video. That is the deeper way to connect, especially in today’s day and age. The connection piece with writing a blog and articles, that’s really important as well, but people just want to get to know you – the real you.

Connection through other people helping you get connected in a bigger way. Too many entrepreneurs think they can do it by themselves. You play small by hiding behind your computer or the social media piece and not getting out in the real world and – women are famous for this – not asking for help. You create far greater impact in this world when you connect with other like-minded people. You joint venture, you collaborate, you ask for help. The best way for some people to ask for help is to offer the help first. Say, ‘Hey, how can I serve and support you in a bigger way? So that collectively we are raising the bar and creating greater impact.”

These three ways are connection with yourself. Number one – get really connected with who you are and how you really want to show up in this world. Number two – get connected to the people that you want to serve. And number three – get connected to the people that can help you and you can help them. I promise you, your impact will be 10-20-30-100-1000 times greater than what you can do on your own.

Thanks for listening and remember be driven by purpose, and motivated by millions.

Watch Video 4 in this series here.