Celebration amidst the sadness …

Wow what a week! Very Happy and Very Sad.
Warning: This is an ‘out there’ article and it may hit a nerve. Keep reading.
paris-peace-signParis was under attack by the infamous ISIS and several hundred are dead or seriously injured.

My heart goes out to these people and their families.

A wave of emotions came over me as I was hearing the news while at an awards ceremony in New York City honouring Women in Business (I won an award for Entrepreneur of the Year in Business Services) from all over the world. 
Shock, grief, fear and guilt washed over me.
How can we celebrate at a time like this? 
How can anyone intentionally harm another human being with such brutality and think their reason is justified?
How can the world thrive and flourish when there are people who contribute to humanity with their hatred and malice?
This atrocity leaves me feeling frightened for our world and what it will become
for our children. 
But I don’t want to live in fear or hatred.

I want to live believing that this world is and can be the wonderland of joy and fun it is meant to be.
Fast forward to a few hours earlier…
Lorree and I were on a road trip for a week, first stopping in South Carolina for my own Master Mind coaching and then moving on to NYC for the award ceremony.
We were at a pit stop grabbing a coffee for the road. A man that was beside me in the lineup asked me:
“That’s a big purse you have, do you have a gun in there?”
“Pardon me?” I replied.
“I carry a gun with me everywhere I go so if someone wants to mess with me, I am protected. Safer that way.” he said.
I seriously had no idea what to say because that way of thinking is not in my realm of being.
I quickly grabbed my coffee and got the hell out of there. 
We don’t need to look across the ocean to see hatred, negativity and fear mongering. It’s right in our own backyard.
So how do we deal with it, get away from it so we don’t get sucked into its vortex?
Fast forward to you…
We need to keep on living our lives with love, gratitude, compassion and non-judgement. 
And it must start inside of you.
You must have love, gratitude, compassion and non-judgement of self first before you can truly emit these emotions and feelings out into the world. 
If you don’t feel this way about yourself, how can you transmit positive energy to others? 
How can we heal the world and live in harmony when we have raw and open wounds within ourselves?
We can’t. So instead of pointing fingers and pointing hatred, let’s start by cleaning up the world that we do touch; our own.
These crimes against humanity can stop but only if we all
Celebrate more. Love more. Have more compassion.
And eliminate judgement. 
It all starts at home and home is you.
So, I tell you all of this to show you that no matter what is happening in our world, we need to stay strong, confident, support and celebrate one another.

Celebrate yourself. Celebrate others.

And with that, I am proud to share my celebration of winning an award that recognizes my hard work and the positive impact I have had on others.
Lorree and I in NYC!
Very proud to receive a Bronze Stevie Award for the
Women Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services!
I would not have been able to accomplish what I have this StevieAwardpast year without the love and support of my team, my family and my clients.
It is way more fun to celebrate with others and travelling on the road with Lorree has been fantastic!

We have some crazy stories to share so stay tuned in the up and coming articles, videos and blogs.

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In love and gratitude,