As the World turns…

Yep, our Mother’s were right. In hindsight everything they have ever told us about life is probably true. Damn. So when they told us that everything has a way of working itself out, I am finding out that this is also true. Double damn. A hard concept to swallow in the heat of the moment.  As I get older I see that things do have a way of sorting themselves out, even without my intervention.

Now don’t think you can just ‘let it happen’ when talking about moving forward in life or business. I am not talking about the action steps needed to get your life in order, your business off the ground or going after that ‘thing’ you have always wanted. I am talking about the moaning and groaning we all do when we don’t get our own way. Just like children. Some of us never grow up, do we? Some of us like to pick away at a wound till it bleeds, then do it all over again once healed.

I have been known to try and ‘fix things’ or ‘fix people’. Maybe that’s why I am a coach. I don’t like waiting for issues to sort themselves out, I want to sort them out right here, right now! I was once accused of ‘pushing rope’. With age comes experience and with experience comes knowledge. Knowledge becomes an awareness that is fully self expressed. It sounds like this; ‘who gives a !*#%’! Wisdom follows this profound acknowledgement.

I don’t mean the ‘who gives a bleep bleep ‘because of ego or attitude or misguided judgments. There is a time in a person’s life when they realize they cannot control the situation or another’s behavior and they are ok with that. It’s a great feeling to be at peace with how something will turn out, whether it is good or bad.

I am in this fully self expressed stage, but I do teeter on the edge of drama on occasion. I am a human female after all. I drink my whine now; it’s a whole lot more fun.

I am in a different mindset than I used to be. I listen differently to people now. When you cut out the listening with complaint, aka without the bull****, you actually hear what people are truly saying. Most of the time it’s a hidden conversation they have with themselves about their own life. They are looking at themselves through a dirty windshield. Why? Because they don’t believe that things have a way of working themselves out without sticking their nose in it.

How many times, the dreaded morning after, have you said to yourself “I shoulda, woulda, coulda done this, said that or if only I kept my mouth shut, things would have been ok”? For me, I don’t think I can count that high.

I am getting alittle tired of hearing other people’s complaints about other people’s complaints. It sucks the life out of me and I simply don’t give a damn. I used to get swallowed up in the drama of it all. I don’t know where I got the energy for it cuz I certainly don’t have it now. Passing judgment is like passing gas, it’s just a lota hot air. And it stinks.

So next time you want to whine about your life and how things never work out for you…..grab a glass and drink it.