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Too Much WorkQuestion: I feel SO stuck! I have been at my business for almost 5 years and I still don’t have enough clients in my business and my husband keeps asking me when will the money start to come in. I’m frustrated and embarrassed because I thought I would be farther along by now. I am making some money but just not enough for the number of hours I spend at my business. HELP! What am  I doing wrong? What can I do to GROW my business? ~ Cara


I hear this all the time in business and you are definitely not alone.

So many entrepreneurs start a business because they have something that they are great at, highly skilled at and want to spend their days doing it. That’s fantastic. The problem lies in how to turn that skill or passion into a money-making business.

But to grow your business you need to learn how.

You learned your craft and now you need to learn how to make money from it.

The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs make is in the way they think about business: that they should intuitively know how to run a business and they try to figure out themselves.

Building a business is a craft and a skill that must be taught.

Start with these three things:

1. The first step in building a serious business is to take it seriously.
2. The next step is to get serious help.
3. And  finally, the last step is to take serious action.

That all seems simple and you may be saying; ‘But I am taking it seriously!”

Your bank account does not lie and it actually tells you exactly what is happening in your business.

If you are not making the money you need and want to make in your business you just simply don’t have all answers.

So go and find the answers and become a student in the craft of building a business.

When we stop being a student we stop learning, we stop growing and we start to shrink. Everything in life you have learned from someone else and your business building steps are no different, yet so many entrepreneurs think that they ‘should know’ what to
do and then try so hard to figure it out with their limited knowledge.

If you never get the learning, you will never grow. That is no matter what you want to accomplish.

Building a business is 80% mindset and 20% marketing to get you 100% Money.