Are you ready to create an impact in 2017?

I just got back from hosting another retreat with some of my amazing clients.
It’s one of my favourite ways to teach them – live and in person. Not only do we learn a lot, and make  BIG plans, but we have so much fun too.
When you attend a retreat you immerse yourself in your ideas and thoughts, and you can brainstorm and get feedback.
You make better decisions when you feel like you have done the research you need. The ‘what ifs’ get squashed by the confidence you build.
I want this for you too!
If you aren’t feeling that great about where your business is right now.
If you can’t believe it’s the end of the year and you still haven’t achieved your goals.
If you know you need to kick of 2017 with a bang!
I have a new program called Create Impact VIP Program that may be perfect for you.
It’s an intimate group program – maximum 6 people! And it won’t break your bank account (in fact, it will help you replenish it after paying those holiday credit card bills!)
You get 3 private calls with me and a 2 day retreat in January, plus instant access to Envision – my 6 part audio training series.
We’re not messing around – we are getting right to it.
At the retreat we will work through your 2017 Personalized Business Plan and your 2017 Personalized Life Plan, Your Vision and Mission Plan, and your Quarterly Strategic Action Plan. These will all be brought together in Designing and Developing your Impact Plan.
Roll up your sleeves and let’s get you moving right away! 
If you have questions as to whether this program is right for you, reach out to us at
Love and gratitude,