Are you on the Sales Roller Coaster?

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"What a week!"Q: My sales are horrible! My income is great one month then sucks the next, if I make any sales at all! How do I stop the highs and lows in sales and in my bank account? The inconsistency is making it impossible to pay bills on time and driving me crazy! ~ M.B.

A: I love that you are having great sales months, so you must be doing something right! We just need to make your income consistent month after month.

I would rather see a business owner grow slowly and consistently than spike high one month only to dip down low the next.

Mindset is the biggest hurdle in business and this inconsistent cashflow reeks havoc on the mindset.

Here are tips and strategies that will help with this issue.

1. The first thing you must do in your business is to put sales calls as the number 1 priority on your calendar every day!

2. I recommend 10 calls a day minimum and carve out a dedicated time slot of 1 hour per day to make calls. (yes I mean phone calls).

3. Design your perfect day: a start time and end time with a great big reward at the end of the day for making those sales calls. Likewise, a consequence for not making those sales calls. Feeling the reward or feeling the pain of doing what you said you would do in your business is a powerful motivator.

4. You have the ability to choose what you do every day in your business, so make the choices that will move your business and life forward, not backward or status quo.

5. What are you tolerating in your business? (what are you putting up with, accepting things ‘just the way they are’, avoiding dealing with). When you stop tolerating things in your business, your life expands!

6. You  don’t need more experience or training, you need more courage.

7. Failure is only a result. We often attach meaning to it from our core beliefs about ourselves and that usually ends up with us looking at the failure as something bad. The most successful people have experienced more failure than success.

8. You are selling a solution to a problem. That’s it. Now ask: what is my prospect’s problem? How do I solve it? and What gives me the credibility (to solve the problem)?

9. Sales is not something you do TO someone, it is something you do FOR someone.

10.We don’t see things as they are, we see things as WE are. So who do you need to be to change your results, circumstances and environment?

Follow the same system I use in my business and watch your business double and triple in months: the PROFITS system is an acronym I developed so I stay true to my goals and build a fabulous money making business!

Planning –  Do you have a plan for your business?
Return on Investment – Everything you do in your business must have an ROI
Offer/Objections –  Are you asking people to work with you and turning a no into a yes?!
Fear – What are your fears that are stopping you from building your business?
I – Who are YOU being in your business? Are you being the best that you can be?
Time Management – Are you spending time every day on sales?
Support – Do you have a coach that is supporting you in your business?

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