8 Steps to Creating Your Impactful Marketing Message

This is video 10 in my top 10 series of what I learned in my spiritual breakdown and came out the other side with a massive spiritual breakthrough. So my mission and my purpose is to eliminate fear from 1 million women across the globe by 2020 so they can live their life with power and purpose and without apology.

I am driven by purpose and I am motivated by millions.

In the last 9 videos, I have walked you through how to create step by step impact, both in your world, in yourself and for the people that you serve out in the big world.

The first couple of videos I really focused on getting connected, envisioning your why and your what? You need to have that connection first. And then it’s connection with your tribe and the people that you were meant to serve. I go into enrollment, engagement, monetization, and we even talked about how to pull your golden nuggets of your unique story, because what makes you different is your story. Your journey from the day you were born right up to today’s date.

Video number 9 I really went into some details about how to pull your story out and that really is to get super clear, year by year, what your journey has been like – the good, the bad, and, dare I say, the ugly.

Today’s video I want to talk to you about how to put all of that together – everything that I’ve talked about with your why, your what, your who, your when, your where, your how, and your story, into an amazing marketing message.

Whether that gets spoken from the stage or from a networking event, what you write in your blogs, in your products and programs that you sell, to any audio programs that you do – podcasts, tv shows, whatever it is. But however it is on a platform of those, of all three, the visuals, the videos, people seeing you in person so they get to know, like and trust you. On the written platform and on the video platform. Those are the three verticals that you really need to get good at, and if you are like me, I have struggled with all three and it’s in the practice and in the knowing by hiring and learning from the bigger brains on how to get your story and message out there so that you do impact millions and milliions of people.

So I in this video I want to talk about how to create a message in all of those three verticals, but what is passionate to me is speaking. Without speaking, and that can be a two minute talk, an hour long talk, a full day event, three days, whatever it is, you need to be talking to your audience. One to one is amazing. One to many is fantastic, whether it is in person, online, however, but you need to be speaking. You need to open your mouth! The most effective way is how I am going to teach you.

Grab your pen and paper!

  1. You need to wow your audience. What is that one or two golden pieces of your story that you can tell as you walk out on the stage or you write those first words on paper, that wow somebody – they go, ‘Oooh! I’m at attention and I have to listen to what she is saying.’
  2. Position yourself as the credible and professional and the expert. You know what you are talking about. You’ve got some leverage behind the content that you will be teaching.
  3. You want to position the audience. Talk to them directly. When someone is in your audience or reading your stuff, they need to be thinking, ‘Wow, she is talking directly to me.’
  4. The promise – what are you going to be promising them that they are going to walk away with? That is your content – your 3 to 5 golden pieces of what you are going to be teaching. Every vertical, whether it’s speaking or written or audio or whatever, you need to tell them what they will be walking away with at the end of the event or session or article.
  5. The content – what are you actually teaching them? What are the 3 to 5 golden pieces that they will walk away with that they can implement immediately? That they are going to learn from? And that will help them see a change – whether it’s relationships or love or money or spirituality, whatever it is. You are going to be giving them content that they are going to be able to implement.
  6. Throw in a call to action before you finish all of the content pieces. You want to be moving people to action before the end of them reading you or listening to you. What I like to do, is after the promise I go into content. If I have three pieces of content that I want to teach, I’ll deliver the first two and then I’ll throw in the call to action. Then I’ll go into the third and final piece of content, go back into a call to action. As adults, we like to be told what to do. Contrary to our teenagers, who aren’t quite yet adults. We need to be told what to do and how to do it. The call to action is very specific. It’s not just, ‘Hey, if you’re interested in buying my stuff…’. No, it’s like,’You know what? I’ve got this free gift for you! What I need from you is your name and contact information. Fill out the form and you’re going to get my free stuff! And if you are interested in having a conversation with me, meet me at the back of the room.’ That’s a quick and dirty of what a call to action looks like. You want to do that twice.
  7. Then you can talk about your story. Round out your story. That’s like the cliffhanger or the drama, the ending of … whatever happened to?? … and you wrap that up at the end of your talk or of your written piece.
  8. Then finally a call to action.

I’ll quickly recap that – you’ve got your wow factor, positioning yourself as the credible person that you are and the reason why they should be listening to you. Then you want to position the audience, then get into your content or the first couple of pieces of your content. A call to action, again content, another call to action. Round out your story, it’s like that big Christmas bow … and then a final call to action.

And then of course a Thank You!

There you have it. That is a powerful way to get your message out to your tribe so that they will listen to you and so that they will take action!

Thank you very much for listening to my Top 10 series. If you haven’t listened to all of them, I suggest that you go back to the beginning and listen to them in order. I promise you not only will you be impacted on a grander scale, if you take the action that I have taught in these videos, you will see a difference. You will make a difference, and you will be much more abundant in all areas of your life.

Take care!

Odette Laurie at BusinessWomenonTop.com