3 Things ALL Successful Business Owners Focus On Every Day

I recently shared a video on Facebook about the three things you need to focus on to start to succeed (really succeed!) in your business.
If you didn’t see it, check it out here.
I believe that these three things are the foundational elements that you have to put in place in your business.
I use them in my own business and I teach them to my clients.
They are clarity, action and impact.

Establish a really clear vision of what you want to accomplish. Setting a goal in your mind and hoping you reach it simply doesn’t work. Write your goals down. Write down with absolute clarity what you want and then what you need to do to accomplish them.
Write down step by step what you need to do to reach each goal.
Be honest with yourself – do you even know how to reach your goals? If not you need to get help. 
Successful business owners know that they can’t do it all alone, and they get help from others.
Think you can’t afford to get help? Click here to learn why this is just an excuse.
What actions are you taking daily to grow your business?
Write down everything you do in a day. Have a look over that list. How many of those things are actually generating you revenue? 
Lots of entrepreneurs get so caught up in the day to day administrative tasks that they run out of time and energy to do the things that will actually grow their business.
Sales and marketing should be the two biggest activities that fill your daily schedule. Without sales you will not have clients. Without clients you will not have a business.
Action is essential to meet people, connect with them, get in front of them, and signing them as clients.
When you have a solid plan to reach out to people, and you consistently and deliberately execute that plan every day, your business will thank you!
Lots of entrepreneurs I talk to are afraid to reach out. They are afraid that someone will say no. That’s natural. But you can’t get anyone to say YES if you never take action!
If you want to be a rock star, you have to get in front of people and you have to work your plan every single day.
Trust me, the more you get out there, the more you can hone your message in real conversation – and you will get more clients!
You are passionate about your business. You are passionate about the people you know you can help. You want to create an impact.
So what are you doing to get there?
Impact doesn’t just happen. You have to strategize, plan and then implement.
What is getting in the way of you taking that action to start making that impact?
Are you scared?
Do you just not know where to start?
Not sure what to say? or who to say it to?
These are all just excuses. They are just things you may not know how to do yet (see above about getting help!)
If you have convinced yourself convinced that you could be successful BUTsomething (or many things) are standing in your way, click here to get clarity on the actions you need to take today to start making that impact today.
Get clear, take action (even on the scary stuff!), and help the people that you know you can help. 
It really is as simple as that!
Love and gratitude,