24 Qualities of a Confident Woman

I recently read an article in the Huffington Post titled: “9 Qualities of Confident Women” and it got me thinking.
I am surrounded by a lot of phenomenal and talented women who are crushing it out there.
Master Mind Group Nov 2015During my Master Mind last week, I asked my clients what they thought which qualities Confident Women emulated.

It didn’t take long for us to come up with over 30 but I chiseled it down to the top 24.

Then I asked each client what qualities they possessed and which ones they needed to work on (I did it too). 
This exercise really shone the light on just how amazing we are, just as we are, and it also showed us that we are constantly growing and evolving into the woman we WANT to be. 
Odette Laurie and Daphna Gale   Odette Laurie and Sarah Weinrauch
This is me with two of my fabulous, fun, and confident Master Mind clients: Daphna Gale and Sarah Weinrauch!
So have some fun and see which qualities you have. Pick one or two that you want to improve on. You are better to focus on a one at a time rather than try and conquer them all at once.
(This isn’t titled “Super woman qualities”!)
You might want to open this up as a conversation with your clients, friends or family (especially daughters!) because you may not see some of your qualities the way others do!
Here they are:
1.   She stands tall

2.   She speaks her mind

3.   She dresses for success

4.   She makes her own decisions

5.   She knows what she wants (and gets it)

6.   She has an opinion and shares it (guilt free)

7.   She is comfortable with her own uniqueness

8.   She is not apologetic (unless she is wrong)

9.   She is calm under pressure

10.  She says ‘No’

11.  She celebrates her successes (and even brags a little)

12.  She knows her strengths and weaknesses

13.  She loves to play

14.  She is adventurous

15.  She is courageous

16.  She has the attitude of gratitude

17.  She asks for help

18.  She has a clear vision

19.  She is living the life SHE created

20.  She is not threatened by the opinions of others

21.  She is genuine

22.  She is giving

23.  She is purposeful

24.  She emulates love

Do you have other qualities that we might have missed? I’d love to hear what they are!

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 In love and gratitude, 

Odette Laurie

PS – I mean it – don’t forget to send me any other great qualities that make up a confident woman. Email me and you could win a $500 coaching session with me!