2013 is here

Woo hoo! 2013 is finally here! What a year 2012 was. How was your year? What are
you looking forward to accomplishing this up and coming year?
My name is Odette Laurie and my company is Called Women on Top. I am a business
coach for serious entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their business
and in their lives. I believe in knocking on the door of opportunity or busting down
that door! Whatever it takes.
One opportunity I didn’t want to miss out was this Blog Challenge. I immediately
seized the opportunity.
After watching my friend Michele Scism blow up her business last year, I decided to
follow in her footsteps.
There is no going it alone in business and watch what others are doing that makes
them successful and do the same thing!!
So thanks Michele!
So this is going to be a challenge, but nothing worth doing is not a challenge.

I love to look at the year in review and here are some of the amazing things that I
2011 was a year of personal tragedy with the death of both my parents and the
ending of a personal relationship with a big move back to the city.
I made 2012 my ‘transition’ year; the year to lay down solid foundations in my
business and in my personal life:
My more than doubled my income (woo hoo!!)
I did something I always wanted to do; I wrote and published a book! It is now being
sold on Amazon and Chapter, my site and out of the back of my car
I did a lot of soul searching and personal development around where I was and what
I wanted to accomplish
I developed product to sell
I spoke at an international event for a famous TV celebrity
I am heading into year 3 of my Woman on Top…the year I will ROCK IT out!!
This year is also going to be a major focus on my personal life with a healthy balance
between kids, friends and business.
I am the queen at goal setting, goal attainment and getting whatever you want out of
life…www.businesswomenontop.com and join the tribe!
Clink, clink to 2013!